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We the people must transform democracy based on progressive values of

truth, wisdom and empathy

not lies, ignorance, hate, fear, exclusion

How do we the people, through our democratically elected government, make the wisest possible decisions for now and future generations?

What kind of country and world do we want to create for our children and grandchildren? We are at a trajectory moment in history – actually, a tipping point in civilization – when we must accept our responsibility as citizens and learn the truth about our history, face today’s reality head on, make choices about the future and take action . Our increasingly fragile democracy — and our world — is at stake.

Conservatives and progressives have very different ideas of right and wrong. These worldviews are drastically at odds and affect every facet of democracy. Much of the time citizens hold different understandings of even the basic facts related to the topics we are debating. Citizens must understand how the political system and parties have changed, learn the critical implications of these culture wars, choose sides and fight for our grand children’s future.

I CAN IMAGINE ordinary American citizens mounting a massive grass roots movement to stop right wing extremists from destroying America. The current incredible outpouring of citizen action to affirm that everybody matters, that all people have value, confirms this belief.

I CAN IMAGINE millions of Americans making citizen participation in democracy an integral part of their lives, taking power away from oligarchs and religious extremists. We can make America again be government of the people, by the people and for the people!

The mission of this website is to help develop a powerful narrative for the progressive movement for long term, systemic change.

With audacious faith, Phyllis Stenerson — editor/curator of

“We must move forward in the days ahead with audacious faith. The moral arc of the universe is long but it bends toward justice.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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